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Ruslan Khvastov

Ruskan Khvastov is a Ukrainian fashion and costumer designer. He is the winner of the national awards of the academy of the motion picture arts (NIKA) in 2003 for the best costumer for the art movie chekhoskie motivu by Kira Muratova. He manufactures both men and women wear collection

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Regarde Moi

Regard Moi is a fashion brand in Angola founded by Iracema Matias. She started in the fashion world as a model. She graduated from an Italian fashion school in Nigeria.

Iracema Matias is very unique with an African touch in it. From the renowned African wax, to the French dentelle. Her creation vary by style, but she mainly focused on fashioning glamorous clothing.

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Oficina do Burel

Oficina do Burel is a clothing store in Portugal founded by Elsa Concalves and Carlos Mede. They are committed to product customisation and custom items that tend to be unique. in a different light have items "ready to wear" in the context of fairs and exhibitions. they make handmade clothes and winter collection for men and women.

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Zulema Murillo

Zulema Morillo is a young Colombian fashion designer bringing her colourful Caribbean flair to all women clothes collection. Based in Costa del Sol, Spain. 

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Oscar & Rose

Oscar & Rose is a South African fashion company that is operated and founded by Noor Thandiwe Modise. O & R is a commercial brand that bridges the gap between African creativity and western style. It understand the ever-changing world we live in and the demand of one of a kind garments, combining the unique blend of craft, trend into collection. The brand represent the masculine and the feminine side.

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Sonja Andersson

SA is a Swedish Brand  founded by Sonja Andersson, her specialty is couture. She has had the opportunity to travel to different countries and shown her ability to create luxurious clothes. Ability she inherited from her mother. Sonja Andersson is an entrepreneur and the third generation of designer in her family. SA manufacturers couture with Scandinavian "touch". The idea is to always develop something simple, beautiful and unique  

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Karime Elalaoui

Karime Elalaoui is an outstanding fashion designer in Morocco. She has participated in numerous fashion weeks like the Paris Fashion week. Her specialty is making kaftan with precious jewellery, something outstanding.

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Aspera is a well known Swedish Brand founded by Alicja Eklöw, she is the main designer of Aspera. Alicja Eklöw started in 1992 from a modest studio in Stockholm, which specialized in wedding and evening dresses. Majority of her outfits are handmade, created with satin, siffon and silk. Decorated with embroidery, pearls and sworovski crystal. She has dressed Miss World since 4 years. As well Miss World Sweden taking part in Miss World Beauty contest in2007, 2009 and 2018. 

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