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Choose Your New Year's Outfit Wisely

Uppdaterat: 16 jan. 2022

In our opinion, we spend

several millions every year on outfits for Christmas and New Year's Eve.

The question is will we invest wisely this year?

To combat this problem, we need to spend our money on brands that are build to last, can be worn season after season and can be styled up or down wherever the occasion is. This way we will get better cost and do less damage to the environment. With this in mind let us remind ourselves to maintain as green as possible.

We all celebrate the holiday season differently, which means that shopping for the occasion is not as simple as choosing a casual outfit, but having an outfit for the holidays that you feel great in is a highly way to ring in the festive spirit. There is no need to spend a lot of money to dress well at the Christmas, in fact our wardrobe probably already contains excellent basic pieces. We just have to make the right combinations and give our outfit a festive touch.

If the family tradition focuses primarily on the Christmas Eve dinner go with a sparkling look, without exaggeration. If we are the hostess of the occasion, it is better to think of something practical as well as chic.

When it comes to dressing up for New Year's we recommend the classics. After all nothing quite beats the magic of a really great dress worn with heels onIn New Year's.

Not matter how you decided to spend this NEY, grab a glass of champagne and prepare to feel fabulous. Whether that means a big night out, drinks with your closest friends, an intimate dinner with loved ones, or just a cocktail on the sofa at home.

Make sure to enjoy the occasion.

Designer:Susana Poyatos Sonja Andersson

Photo/Art Director: Michael Arce, Photo by Sam

Model: Sifzara, Laura Garcete, Elena Portillo

Sofia Troyano

MUA: Karolina Poniedziałek

Stylist: Art Hair Marbella


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