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Copenhagen Fashion Week Fall 2021, SS22

Between August 10 to August 13th, Copenhagen Fashion Week took place where several brands showcased their collections for Spring Summer 2022. A lot of talents were shown from great designers and brands.

To mention a few of the brands, one outstanding brand was (Di)vision. A brand with its main focus on sustainability through recycling and upcycling.

(Di)vision hand picks old fabrics and reconstructs and upcycles the pieces, resulting in an amazing collection. Upcycling is when old damaged fabrics are being reused and repurposed to prevent wasting fabric, a great way of creating fashion sustainably. The theme of their collection was a mix between workwear and lounge aesthetic with their DIY and handcraft feeling in each piece. A brand that is future friendly and understands and shows how old and damaged fabric should be reused. Their mix of casual wear with a twist and handcraft feeling creates fashion for everyone.

(Di)vision clearly thinks and adjust their lifestyle to the environment and emphasizes the importance of recycling. Since their brand creates clothes mostly for the youth, it is a great inspiration for the upcoming generations. Inspiring and showing them how to fashionably help the earth and prevent even worse climate consequences.

Photos: @(Di)vision

Another brand was Ganni, who, as always, presented a lovely season collection with patterns and perfect shades of spring and summer colors, something we all want and need for spring 2022. The collection and Ganni´s idea for clothes is that they should express confidence yet uncomplicated through a Scandinavian style - something they accomplished very well by mixes of colors, shapes and fit. A brand that is loved by Sweden, their unique yet relatable clothing inspire everyone. Ganni has as well many Swedish models for example Blue Lindeberg (picture 3) who walked the fashion walk in a stunning orange summer dress.

Their aspect of sustainability is through responsibility. They show the importance of taking responsibility for the creations and acknowledging each step.They are consequent of their productions and take responsibility, making changes in their chain of production when they understand that it could be harmful for the environment.

Photos: @Ganni

Lala Berlin is a brand that creates clothes for every occasion. Each outfit paired with accessories like bags and jewelry that correlates to every detail of the outfit. Founder Leyla Piedayesh creates clothes inspired by her Iranian heritage, German home as well as world citizenship. Every piece where her life story is shown which one can clearly see by the difference in each clothing piece. Her collection for Spring Summer 2022 shows how every outfit is made for different occasions and different moods; all from a night out with friends to a walk on the beach with a long dress. A collection for everyone!

Photos: @LalaBerlin

Hope is a leading Swedish Brand with the aim to inspire every individual's style through their attention to detail and craftsmanship which was shown during the fashion week. Their way of creating a line between gender and style is very popular, first comes style and then gender. Fashion should not be adjusted by gender but by style and own opinions. Hope is one of the few brands that create clothes non dependant of gender. There way to inspire is to let the costumer decide what to wear and not a tag for womens´or mens´ collections. They are changing the ways of "girl clothes" and "boy clothes". Their focus is to create diversity within fashion and not follow the conventional ways. Their clean and sophisticated style creates high quality fashion for everyone. Wether you care to wear different patterns, layers or just one color - Hope has it for you.

To reach sustainable fashion in the world, Hope believes in conscious decisions regarding material and production as well as underlining how circularity is important.

Photos: @Hope

At last, one of the many creations that were outstanding during the fashion week was from The Royal Danish Academy. Where the class of 2021 had the opportunity to show their skills through their unique designs. After years of education at the academy, the graduates had the opportunity to create their own collection to show what their education gave them. Who knows, maybe one or more of the students will be the next big designer. Their unique and brave approach to the outfits stole the show and probably inspired many more to study fashion and aim for their goals.

Each collection portrays a unique perspective to the future of fashion through different themes. As well as creating their own approach to sustainability, many of the students worked with upcycling and use of old fabrics and much more. Their creations were breathtaking, so unique and cool!

All photos are from Copenhagen Fashion Week and the brands own photoshoots.


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