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Fall Street Style in Stockholm

Now when the colder weather is around the corner, it’s time to bring out a new wardrobe. Everyone has their unique and own style yet we can also see many trends just by walking through town on a rainy day. Although light jackets are being replaced by longer and thicker coats - many dress as if it is just a colder summer day.

The most popular trend during the past months has been the famous trench coat, now in all different colors, materials and styles. The long coat creating a mix between elegancy yet street, perfect for the fall season and perfect for everyone in all ages.

Despite the seasons gray colors that many feel, fashion keeps the bright colors going. Instead of following the classic gray, beige and black color schemes during the fall, many in Stockholm uses fashion to defy the gray season coming. Perfect for keeping the positivity at high!

Just by something simple as a colored bag and other accessories, a gray outfit becomes something completely new and fashionable. Another way of defying the gray season is by completely ignoring it. Even though it might seem that the season is cold now in the beginning, one can still go a day with a skirt and warm sweater without freezing and therefore ignoring the change of season and fashion. Just because a season is changing doesn´t mean that fashion needs to change either. Although, many can probably agree upon that the best part of the fall season is bringing out the warm and cozy sweaters and putting away the small tank tops. Even though many will believe that the summer is the most popular within fashion - fall brings out far more outfit possibilities than summer. As seen, one can still wear dresses and skirts one day and the day after wear a warm sweater with a coat. The perfect period that is just between the warmth and the cold, giving everyone a chance to wear whatever they´d like without feeling judged.

Although as the colder fall weather creeps up on Stockholm, it will be harder to ignore the cold weather and the heavy coats will be necessary. And that´s when we will clearly see how accessories will become the center of everyones´outfit. Both hair, shoes, bags and jewelry will change the whole dynamic of outfits for Stockholms fall street style!


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