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Marilyn Monroe Constellation, 50´s

Uppdaterat: 1 dec. 2021

"Constellation Marilyn" By Susana Poyatos a Spanish designer from Andalusia,known as a very passionate and a thoughtful woman who has managed to combine work and motherhood throughout the last twenty years. With over thirty years of experience in the industry, she is the perfect example of how hard work and perseverance can pay off.

"It's not been easy, but you always have to stay focused on what you believe, there has been times of struggle and when I felt tempted to follow what others were doing to drop prices and sell more, I stayed true to my goals and I realised that's not who I wanted to become, I wanted to see my designs looking at their best; so I never compromise on the quality of the fabrics used."

Susana´s Haute Couture Atelier is located in the heart of Cranada, Spain and has been established since 1995, a project she embarked on her own after creating collections for Cibeles, Fimi and Gaudi.

Her brand, Slabon Moda is well known in the Spanish fashion industry, in which she has been recognised widely throughout her career and has gained various accolades, such as Premio Moda Joven de Andalucia (1987), Premio de la Asociación Madrilena de Criticos de Arte (2013) and the Premio Nacional a la mode a la excelencia Empresarial in 22015

Further to this, she has been awarded a Honorary diplom of Granada City, which is a symbol of honour given only to those who have contributed to the city of Granada and those who have represented the city to a High standard.

This collection was presented as part of ¨Constelación Marilyn¨ (Marilyn Constellation)

and showcased at Festival International de Cine Clásico de Granada in 2011, a fusion between cinematography and fashion created as a late tribute to the the diva herself which encapsulates her sense of style, glamour and sensually.

Photo: Mikael Arce

As a part of this collection, the designer and entrepreneur has recreated this classic dress, to pay homage to some of the most iconic outfits Marilyn Monroe has wore in the past. In this edition we present; La Tentación vive arriba (temptation, lives on top), a redesign of one of Monroe’s most memorable outfits incorporating 50 style into the 21st century “Fashion and cinema have a very intimate relationship; Marilyn Monroe’s style is still alive and will last for generations to come as it is an authentic spirit” Poyatos quoted. To create this dress, Susana has utilised delicate Silk satin with halter bodice and a pleated skirt, allowing for that same beautiful flowing motion depicted in the “Flying Skirt Photoshoot”. One of Monroe’s most emblematic moments. The design with its open shoulders defines a sultry silhouette which brings back the sensuality and classy style of the 50’s incorporating the authenticity and femininity of the 50s era

Photo: Mikael Arce

Designer: Susana Poyatos Photo/Art Director: Michael arce Model: Sofia Troyano MUA: Karolina Poniedzialek Stylist: Arte Hair Marbella

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