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New Partnership

Uppdaterat: 16 jan. 2022

Scandinavian International Fashionweek has just opened up to a collaboration with the live stream app Moli to take SIF´s fashion events live. During the pandemic SIF has not been able to organize their annual fashion event at the City Hall in Stockholm, however SIF is planing to have the event in May 2022. This time with an extra feature; livestream.

During the two days at City Hall in Stockholm, designers from all over the world will have the perfect opportunity to show their creations through SIF´s models for the world. SIF´s purpose is to promote designers, models, makeup artists and photographers; giving them the chance to show their creations to other designers, buyers, and customers that will help them grow.

SIF offers a chance to follow the fashion events; catwalks, interviews with the designers, and backstage with the models - through Moli, from the comfort of your home if one cannot attend the event in Stockholm. Moli offers and secures a great view and the only thing you need is wifi and an iPhone with the iOS update. The mobile screen sharing functions create the possibility to show the viewers designers' own websites live during the event, showing those who are interested where to find their creations.

Sonja Andersson, CEO of SIF and Alexander Bouzi, CEO of Moli, both express enthusiasm over the new partnership and believe it will take the fashion industry ahead. “This is a perfect opportunity for more people to be able to access the event and get closer to buying the fantastic creations on display from designers around the world,” says Alexander Bouzi.

“Moli Streaming enables this where we can take parts of the physical event to the participants' mobiles all over the world. Participants can now attend the event digitally and also consume the designs through the "close to purchase" concept " says Sonja Andersson.

During the pandemic the fashion industry has been affected; stylists, creators and models have been given less opportunities to be seen. Through this partnership their careers can grow and Scandinavian International Fashionweek will reach out to far more all over the world.


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