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SIF x Beauty Academy by Dashl

As SIF is preparing for the next fashion week in May 2022 and gathering fashion designers who are eager to attend to show their creations in Stockholm, SIF has also been looking for makeup and hair stylist that can style SIF´s models before the runway. Luckily, SIF has just signed off on a new partnership with Beauty Academy by Dashl who will provide SIF with makeup and hair artist for the fashion week. SIF strives to find skilled and talented stylists that will be able to correlate makeup and hair with every unique outfit that the designers have prepared, then to be shown for the audience through SIF´s models.

Beauty Academy by Dashl is a beauty academy in Stockholm that offers professional vocational training for students that want to work with styling. They offer hair, makeup, manicure, eyelash and eyebrow styling. The perfect academy to apply to if one´s passion and dream is to style within beauty. An education directly leading to work opportunities for the students and a way for their dreams to come true. SIF´s partnership with the beauty academy offers the students a chance to style, both hair and makeup, our SIF models for fashion week 2022.

While the students fix the models hair and makeup they will be competing with other beauty schools to win best hairstylist and best makeup artist. This possibility for them could be a great start to their styling career and their chance to be seen and show everyone one attending what they can do. At the end of the fashion week, SIF appoints the best makeup artists which also will be an opportunity for them to be seen.

SIF is very excited for the partnership and collaboration. Since one of SIF´s many purposes is to lift upcoming talents - SIF believes it is a perfect collaboration for SIF and a great idea for the fashion week.

Until the fashion week the students will be preparing and learning about styling and much more to present their best work correlating with the designers outfits. We look forward to see SIF`s models walking the runway with hair and makeup styled by the students from Beauty Academy by Dashl!

Makeup and hair styled by the Beauty Academy´s talented students!

Photos: @oliviahb Olivia Huerta Bratteng

Models: @sionvikstrom and @lemanagment


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