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Stockholm Fashion Week 2021 - recycling clothing steals the show!

Between the 31st of August to the 2nd September Stockholm Fashion Week was the talk of the town, and long after. Both physically and digitally brands showcased their collection, upcoming talents from fashion schools and brands showing fashion for the future and much more has been flooding the media the past weeks. As it is impossible to cover every brands collection, it is as impossible to decide on favorites as well. Although who doesn’t enjoy watching sustainability taking a bigger part of the fashion industry? Stockholm Fashion Week, among other fashion weeks, have been great especially when seeing organizations finally taking the step to save our environment yet keeping the fashion industry alive. It is easy talking about the changes needing to be made and acknowledging the problem rather than actually act and make a change.

There is so much material and clothing pieces that people will buy, use once and never touch again, leaving it to get dusty in the back of the closet. All of these clothing pieces that has had a big effect on the environment and the workers creating the clothes - sadly never to be used again. According to the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency, 80% of the climate effects from our clothes is from the production phase, meaning that the big problem lays during the production of the clothes and where changes need to be made.

Instead of buying new clothes every month, demanding brands to produce more which will result in more pollution - more people should consider buying second hand clothing and/or material. Not only is one of the best solutions to buy second hand clothes and to only buy clothes when you actually need it - one should also donate old clothes. By donating your old clothes, one will prevent others from buying new produced clothes because there will be more supply in the second hand stores for others to buy. There are many different types of solutions and actions for brands and each individual to take, as it is everyones´ own responsibility to wear sustainable fashion.

This is a big problem in today´s society which one of the brands during the Stockholm Fashion Week works with and wants to prevent. Remake Stockholm was one the weeks highlights for Spring Summer collection 2022. Remake Stockholm is a brand created through a charity organization in Stockholm called "Stockholms Stadsmission." The organizations have many second hand stores in Sweden which is very popular among young people. There stores have been a big part of widening the second hand shopping and sustainable fashion in Sweden. During the Stockholm Fashion Week, Remake had the opportunity to show their collection during the Sustainable Fashion Hub along side other brands who share the same focus within fashion. Cleary a success among designers and buyers!

Remake uses clothes that have been donated to create new fashion trends, still keeping it environmentally friendly. Their work with patches, different materials and patterns creates the recycling and upcycling kind of style which matches perfectly for the Stockholm street style! Since the brand specializes in remaking old clothes, each clothing piece is completely one of a kind and unique. One of the most popular trends in 2021 has been dressing uniquely and never dressing as everyone else. Therefore Remake´s idea of creating sustainable and unique clothes is very popular.

These unique looks cover every occasion and style. Everything from street style to fancy wear with patterns creating the whole outfit. Remake makes sure of that you will not be wearing the same outfit as anyone else at the party! Remake knows what a healthy fashionable lifestyle should look like and spreads their knowledge; something everyone should follow.

Photos from Stockholm Fashion Week Showroom and @Remake (photo by @andreaskock)


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