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Sustainable Fashion

Uppdaterat: 5 juli 2021

In the fashion industry, we are constantly producing more and more goods. We use tons of natural resources, produce garments all over the world, and all the while we are trying to keep up with ever- changing trends and timely demands of the fashion industry.

What is that impact? Most of the pollution in the garment comes from textiles, water usage, finishing agents, and dyes. 20% of the world's water pollution is due to the garment industry. How does it affect the community that works and lives around these factories? As designers and consumers, we have the responsibility to ask ourselves these questions and the ability to make a change.

How can you as designer build a company with all of these things in mind and as a small brand be a part of this change?

How can we still create, still design, and still produce while making a smaller carbon footprint and a more positive impact while doing it? Why larger companies have an easier time sustainably sourcing their fabrics, they often have a harder time keeping an eye on how their production is being done. As a small brand you are more restricted on where you can produce and in turn are better able to manage where and how you choose to produce. The importance of sustainable and consistent fashion is a crucial subject.

Sustainable Fashion


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