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What is SIF Magazine?

Have you ever wanted to follow fashion across the world, news, and trends as well as how to keep up with sustainable fashion? Well, that is exactly the purpose of SIF Magazine. Twice a month SIF Magazine will post new articles concerning different topics. As the magazine grows - so will the content!


The Magazine is not only reporting on fashion news, trends, interviews, etc, but also news for SIF. Among other things, SIF is arranging a model academy which will start in September where we can follow their progress and maybe later see the models on a catwalk wearing the latest trends. As well, information about the Scandinavian International Fashion Week in May 2022 will also be published - how to buy tickets, which designers who will be attending and much more.


Before and after fashion shows, all the photographs will be collected. Pictures of designers, runways, behind the scenes and creations - creating a lookbook to inspire.


Besides from SIF and other fashion walks, it's important to shine a light on other topics within fashion. Such as sustainable fashion, the importance of knowing the consequences and effects of fashion and its impact on the world. This with inspiration from others. Through research, news and interviews - articles can be published and create a wider perspective of the fashion industry.

Fashion Shows

One center goal is for SIF Magazine to visit and report from international fashion shows as press - write and discuss catwalks, designers, and much more. Taking a closer look at different designers' creations - perfect for our readers to widen their horizons and explore more brands whilst getting information and stories behind the looks.

In May 2022 we hope to have our Scandinavian International Fashion Week where SIF Magazine will act as press as well; pictures from runways, the SIF gala, and interviews with the designers will be featured such as backstage footage. All summoned into lookbooks from the catwalks.


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