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What will Berlin’s fall fashion look like this year?

Every year new trends come and go yet along side every trendy outfit, there are also other unique styles in hiding. What will become this falls fashion trends? Will it be what the clothing stores are making or will those hidden unique styles steal the show?

In Stockholm we could easily find trends and similarities, just by a walk through town yet in Berlin, that wasn’t as easy. So instead of analyzing the street fashion in Berlin, one can start to analyze and discuss the trends that the boutiques hope will be Berlin’s next fall street style, by a little window shopping.

Besides the warm and heavy coats, a clear similarity to Sweden is its´ idea of pop of color - the actual best way to cheer up the gray season. Blue, purple, green and many more colors for coats and trench coats is what many brands are preparing for. Now when the classic beige trench coat trend has been current for a while now, many might look for a twist in the trend - and therefore turn to more colors and styles. A simple change in color changes the whole dynamic of an outfit as well. Wearing an all black or gray outfit might no longer be looked down on when styling it with a colorful coat and/or accessories.

Furthermore, we can find those stores whose style and supply are not bothered by trends in the same way as other stores. Their unique, colorful and "outside of the box" esthetic that one might not wear on a regular basis yet fits perfectly for special occasions. Even though some might believe those types of outfits don´t sell, yet surprisingly they do, which is probably because of their unique point of view and sense of uniqueness which everyone strives for these days. So who knows, maybe Berlin will be filled with "odd" outfits splashed in color in a few weeks!

Yet we see many stores with presenting clothing fit for the weather and maybe not striving to be trendy. Many stores supply the must haves to make it through the cold, with hats, scarves and gloves - as simple and great as that. In Berlin we could see much of that yet also some boutiques willing to put a bit of twist into some of the pieces such as hats with patterns which matches one´s scarf. Another perfect solution to spice up a dull outfit during this season. Hats and scarves could be the new "go - to" accessory this fall, we will have to wait and see.

Besides what the stores plan out for the seasons upcoming trend, Berlin is a city filled with vintage and second hand stores - something that could most likely be the biggest must have. Their second hand and vintage supply is huge, probably because of their high demand for it - not only because its´ trendy but also because the vintage stores in Berlin cover every type of style one can wear, therefore a place where everyone can find their ideas and own styles without feeling limited.

Something we can definitely say is how colors and accessories will be this fall and winter´s "must have´s" when dressing for the cold weather. Wether it´s a colorful bag, scarf or hat - the dynamic of this fall´s street style will probably be counting on those accessories being as unique and one of a kind for each individuals´ outfits.

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