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Why is polyester a scary thought?

As we know there are many different types of polyesters and while the specific process used can vary. But the general steps are.

The petroleum is extracted from the earth with massive drilling machines. Ethylene glycol is mixed with dimethyl terephthalate, and the two react under incredibly high temperatures to create a polymer.

The resulting chemical is then mixed with terephthalic acid creating a liquid polyester. The liquid polyester is extruded though tiny holes to create long, fine ribbons, which are cooled, dried, and cut up into tiny chips, like plastic sprinkles. The plastic sprinkles are then melted to 270° C until they liquefy.

The liquid is extruded through tiny holes called spinnerets to form long threads, which are then cooled to harden into a fiber. These fibers are then twisted together to create polyester yarn and wound onto bobbins, where they are ready to be woven into fabric.

60% of all clothing is made with polyester a synthetic fiber and currently can't be recycling at scale. That means the Clothes you wore as a child still exist somewhere. only 1% of all Clothing is recycled, the majority of recycled plastic doesn't come from clothing. It comes from plastic water bottles and other ocean-bound materials.

We need to understand that polyester is very dangerous, there are many great natural fabrics that benefits us better. Let us be more educated about this problem because it is something that affects all of us now and in the future. it is killing us and our planet.

Polyester a scary thought.


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