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Yes to Second Hand but No Effort

By this point it is very well known that we should buy less new clothes and buy more second hand clothing, but where are the best places to find good and fashionable second hand clothes? Many believe that second hand can be a bit filthy or messy, especially the stores that are filled with so much clothing yet with no organization, making it difficult to find the clothing pieces that fit ones´ unique style. Maybe buying second hand is easier said than done, yet with the right stores and mindset everyone can find second hand stores to be their favorite stores.

In Stockholm there are plenty of second hand stores, more expensive and luxurious and ones that are more cheaper and can be seen as a bit "messy" or unorganized. Therefore, many just give up when they walk into a second hand store. Since there isn´t different ”collections” that regular stores have and it is not as organized, many tend to walk out the door before even taking a look around. Although, it is hard to find clothes that both fit your size and style - it takes patience and the right stores to come home with a bag full of great thrifts. Some of the best and also most popular stores to visit when in Stockholm is Humana, Stadsmissionen, Lisa Larsson and Pop Stockholm.

Humana is where you can find the most colorful and outside of the box outfits. Their prices are a bit higher than usual thrift stores, but definitely worth it. They sell one of a kind pieces, almost as if every piece has been handpicked to fit the style that Humana sells. Not only are the stores, that are located all over Stockholm, filled with unique and cool pieces - they also help you guide how to style the clothes through their social media which helps to inspire! One can also borrow clothes from the store, which is another great way of keeping fashion sustainable. They offer styling and borrowing of clothes for special occasions which is perfect, better for the environment and your wallet.

Stockholms Stadsmission, which also is a charity organization, also have plenty of second hand stores all over Stockholm. They are the founder of Remake, the brand that participated in Stockholm Fashion week, which one can read more about in the article ”Stockholm Fashion Week 2021 - recycling clothing steals the show!” at SIF Magazine . At Stockholm Stadsmission, one can find a lot of clothes. Their stores are huge, they have both smaller stores in the center of Stockholm but also big stores where there are containers filled with clothes and the price is per kilo. This is the perfect store for a cheap wardrobe yet requires a bit more will and patience since the stores offers so much different clothes and styles, but all is worth it at the end of the day!

Lisa Larsson is a small boutique at Nytorget at Södermalm. The boutique is run by Lisa Larsson who has created a boutique filled with everything. Both casual modern and fancy clothes to clothes from different time periods in history. Not only is her supply of the clothes amazing for everyone yet it is just as nice to look around in the boutique without even buying anything, just because it is so cute and well thought out.

Another cool and colorful second hand store is Pop Stockholm, also located in Södermalm. There one can find everything. All the colors one would like, all the styles and clothing pieces. The store especially sells unique and colorful knitted wear, perfect for the fall and winter times. This store is also a bit more expensive yet definitely worth it.

Even if it can be hard to find those unique pieces of clothes that everyone is talking about, it all depends on your mindset and choosing the right store that is perfect for just you. It might require a bit more effort for your shopping days yet all worth it when every second hand piece you buy helps the environment!


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