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Scandinavian International Fashion Week 2019

In Autumn 2019 Scandinavian International Fashion Week debuted in Stockholms' beloved City Hall, where designers from across the world flew in to participate and showed their designs and creations for the world. Meet the designers and read about the plans for Scandinavian International Fashion Week 2022!

Meet the designers from fashion week 2019!

One of the designers was SIF‘s CEO, Sonja Andersson, who showed her work on the catwalk with her Swedish brand SA, a brand with couture as her specialty. She has had the opportunity to travel to many countries showing her luxurious creations. SA manufacturers couture with Scandinavian "touch". The idea is to always develop something simple, beautiful, and unique.

Designer: @sonjaandersson

A Ukrainian fashion and costume designer by the name Ruskan Khvastov who creates clothes both for women and men showed his work as well. In 2003 he won the best costume for the art movie chekhoskie motivu by Kira Muratova, at the national awards of the academy of the motion picture arts (NIKA). He won best designer at the SIF prize ceremony.

Designer: @showroom_ruslan_khvastov

Regard Moi is a fashion brand by Iracema Matias, a designer from Angola. Her debut in the fashion world was as a model until she graduated from an Italian fashion school in Nigeria and is now a fashion designer. Her designs vary but her focus is glamorous clothing with unique fabrics with African touches. She won emerging talent at the SIF ceremony.

Designer: @regardemoi Photo:@lutherphotographer

Oficina do Burel is a clothing store in Portugal founded by Elsa Concalves and Carlos Mede. Their focus is on handmade clothes for both men and women with unique touches.

Designer: @oficina_do_burel Photo: @sifashionweek and

Zulema Murillo is a young fashion designer from Colombia who showed her colorful and Caribbean flair in women's clothes during fashion week.

Designer: @zulema.murillo

Oscar & Rose is a fashion company from South Africa founded by Noor Thandiwe Modise. O&R is a brand that collides African creativity with western styles, representing the masculine and the feminine side.

Designer: @oscarandrose

Karime Elalaoui is a fashion designer in Morocco. She has participated in numerous fashion weeks for example the Paris Fashion week. Her specialty is making kaftan with precious jewelry, something outstanding and unique. She won best designer at the SIF prize ceremony.

Designer: @lalakarimaallaoui

Aspera is a well-known Swedish Brand founded by Alicja Eklöw. Alicja Eklöw started in 1992 from a modest studio in Stockholm, which specialized in wedding and evening dresses. The majority of her outfits are handmade, created with satin, chiffon, and silk. She has dressed Miss World for 4 years. As well Miss World Sweden taking part in the Miss World Beauty contest in 2007, 2009, and 2018.

Designer: @asperacollections

After the runway!

After all of the designers showed their work through SIF’s models, they all gathered the last day with press and influencers for the gala at Vau De Ville. At the gala models from Malta, Majorca, Marbella and Jamaica and both Swedish influencers and influencers from other countries as well as ambassadors from several countries, attended to mingle and eat lovely food.

Vau De Ville is a famous restaurant in the center of Stockholm that serves both classic and modern fusion cuisine, that SIF has had the honor to collaborate with and organize the last day gala. During the gala, there was a prize ceremony where the best female/male model and best designer and the best makeup artist were appointed. Besides the award winning designers; Samavi Khan won the best makeup artist, Janek Dubov and Djirbril Varore ex-aequo won best male model while the best female model went to Isabell Tinred and Fatima El Alaoui ex aequo.

Both SIF and Vau De Ville were very happy with the partnership and see more collaborations in the future. Next fashion week SIF will organize the gala there again at the end of the fashion week but with plenty of more features than last time...

Who will participate in next year's fashion show remains a mystery, we hope to make it even better than the last time!

Photographers: Per-Åke Tessen, Marco Battaglia, Rajdeep Singh, Garry Liq Nordmark, Lsphotos, Cawa Media and Peter Ortvik.


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